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Unicorn Vibes Cafe

I always thought of unicorns to be pristine and beautiful animals. I even believed they were real up until I was seven. To this date, I still find these fictional creatures beautiful and full of positive vibes so when a very good friend sent me an article about a unicorn-themed cafe near where I live, […]

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Healthy Eats: Summer Salad

I came across this recipe one day when we had a family BBQ at my aunt’s house. She said the idea came from a colleague of hers at work who let her try it. It does not have a name so I gave it one – Summer Salad. This is actually one of the best […]

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Shannen Cooks: Chili Recipe

I got the chance to cook a Chili recipe back in the Philippines with the help of a Chef. I remembered it to be a difficult dish to cook so I didn’t bother making it again. Fast forward to now, I gave it another try with just 3 easy steps. Prep Time: 30 minutes Servings: […]

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