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Unicorn Vibes Cafe

October 24, 2018

I always thought of unicorns to be pristine and beautiful animals. I even believed they were real up until I was seven. To this date, I still find these fictional creatures beautiful and full of positive vibes so when a very good friend sent me an article about a unicorn-themed cafe near where I live, I’ve written it instantly on my bucket list and asked my roomies to come with me. If you love unicorns as much as me and Agnes of Despicable Me, then read on.

Unicorn Vibes Cafe is a gem located in Wasl Vita Mall at Al Wasl Road. Don’t worry if you can’t see a sign outside. Just walk inside the mall and you’ll see this instagrammable cafe in there. We got there around 9:30pm so no one was there except us and two other guys. We took advantage of it and snapped photos of the whole area. I loved the pink ambiance which transcends positive vibes and the staff were very accommodating.


The barista let us taste all the ice cream flavors. I liked the Unicorn Ice Cream because it tastes like cotton candy. I ended up ordering a scoop and Cappuccino while one of my roomies ordered hot chocolate. There was nothing special about the coffee except the cute unicorn art. I did not get the chance to taste the hot chocolate but my roomie said it was okay. Price wise, it was slightly cheaper than Starbucks and Costa. We did not try their cakes and cookies because we were so full and just wanted to visit and drink something but they were so adorable to look at.

I also loved the flower wall and swing. I pretty much used it as my background on every portrait photo I have inside the cafe. And did I mention they have a huge unicorn lady painting which was nicely done? They also have a wing painting at the side which is also a good spot for a selfie. Everything inside the cafe is gorgeous that you just want to take photos of every corner.

Interior 4

Overall, the experience was worthwhile because¬† of the warm service and beautiful interiors. It is a great place to hangout with someone, study or work because it’s quiet. I’ll definitely try their cakes next time I drop by.

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