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Dubai Eats: How I broke my diet at Yakitate Restaurant

July 12, 2018

Ever since I committed to eating healthy and dieting, I have been very careful in choosing where and what to eat. I prefer preparing my fruits and vegetables myself to ensure freshness. But whenever I want to eat outside, I try to keep my choices towards healthy ones. But then, there are times that cravings hit me really hard and I had to cheat on my diet. When that happens, I go for restaurants and cafes that I have not eaten before like Yakitate.

Yakitate is a Japanese-cuisine inspired restaurant, cafe and bakery located at the Dining District of Al Ghurair Mall. The place is so cozy and spacious enough to cater their loyal and new diners but what stroked me the most was their bakery. I love bread and Yakitate has a wide variety of it which means heaven for me. The designs of the bread are so adorable that made me want to just collect and not eat them. I even saw a Panda on one of the choices! This already captured my heart without even tasting the main courses.

We tried out their famous Yakitate Cheesecake and Hello Kitty bread. True to what they are promoting, the pastries were freshly baked and delicious. I wanted to eat more but I ordered a lunch set so I stopped and braced myself for the next course.

Salmon Sushi Burger

After munching on the delicious pastries, we were then served with our lunch sets. The serving size was generous. Our orders can feed 2 more people! The presentation was appetizing and very much instagrammable (HAHA!). I ordered their Salmon Teriyaki Burger while Tita Elisa had the Chicken Yakitori with Steamed Vegetables. The little one, Angie, ate the Salmon Chili Don. I tasted each one and it was delicious! And did I tell you that it is affordable? If you dine from 12pm-3pm, you get a lunch set with a milk tea or drink of your choice for only 36 AED. That is a win for me given the serving size, ambiance of the cafe and taste.

Food Flatlay

My diet was definitely broken at Yakitate but it was all worth it. I love good food and service so I did not regret eating beyond my limit. After all, it was only one day. I recommend going here if you crave for some Japanese food.

Location: Al Ghurair Mall

Website: http://www.yakitate.co/caf%C3%A9.html

Contact No.: +971 4 255 5161

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