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Atisuto Al Ghurair

January 23, 2019

Japanese cuisine has always topped my list when it comes to food. Ever since I ate a piece of sushi, I never stopped craving for it. And my love for Japanese Ramen is just incomparable. So every time I come across a restaurant that serves anything Japanese, I’m up for it! If you are like me, then read on.

Just recently, my good friend, Paula and I ate at Atisuto Al Ghurair. It is a restaurant located outside the mall. If you know where Yakitate is, you just need to cross the street then walk a few steps. The place is cozy and it has modernized interiors. I really loved the ambiance because it’s quiet and you can have a good conversation while eating.


The items on the menu were so appetizing that it took us a long time to decide what to get. Thankfully, the service host who attended us was very helpful and gave us suggestions. He did not disappoint. We ordered a bowl of Ramen alongside a bento box good for two and it was delicious. We both loved the Chicken and Salmon Teriyaki! The only comment I had was that the Ramen serving was small for sharing (or maybe I just got used to eating Ramen served in a gigantic bowl back in the Philippines. I miss you Sakura Restaurant. HAHA!). But overall, the food was great!

If you haven’t got time to visit Al Ghurair, there are 3 other branches in Dubai. There’s one in Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road, Bay Square in Business Bay and IBN Battuta Mall. I also found out that they do deliveries (I mean who doesn’t in Dubai, right) so you can order online or find them at Zomato and Talabat.

So there you go! Another go-to restaurant for some Japanese food.


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