Trip to an Arabian Desert

June 23, 2018

There’s always something about trips to unexplored places that makes me giddy. If you’re a travel junkie like me who have always dreamed of traveling the world someday, I’m sure you can relate. So when my good boss arranged an off-road drive to the desert for the whole team, I did not hesitate. I was all in!

Living in Dubai has its perks. Situated at the desert, you can easily find a perfect spot to do dune bashing. In our trip, we went to Al Khawaneej Desert and camped the whole afternoon. The place was perfect since we were the only ones there. At least for a good two to three hours.

It was my first time to go camping (not a fan, btw) so it was a great first time experience for me. I guess what they say is right. You will never know unless you try. I did enjoy it even for a short period of time. I also enjoyed the Arabic food that my boss prepared for us because I love grilled meat and kebabs. Holla Mediterranean cuisine!

And of course, for those who know me, I like taking selfies and sometimes videos (which I rarely post). I did not waste the beauty of the desert so I went for it. Snapped a good set during sunset and really felt blessed to be living in this beautiful Arabian country.

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