Hello, 2019!

January 6, 2019

No doubt, 2018 was by far the most challenging year for me. I literally had more lows than highs but I still feel blessed to have braved it all despite of countless times I want to give up. I was on the edge of breaking but God has lifted me and made me realize that life isn’t life if there are no obstacles or challenges. It had made me stronger and more ready to face what’s ahead of me.

As I welcome the new year, I will bring with me the life realizations I had in 2018, add a little more of optimism and become more closer to God. Life can be very difficult but it is up to us to see the silver lining in it. POSITIVITY has always been my mantra and it is my word of the year.

Be positive about decisions.

Be positive about struggles.

Be positive about love.

Be positive with words.

Be positive about life.

I used to have a New Year’s Resolution but this year, I opted to not have one. I will have my word of the year, POSITIVITY, to serve as my light and guide in finding my way through 2019. It will be tough but I intend to add more meaning to my life this year by His grace and the people I have chosen to keep living this beautiful world with. It is not too late to turn things around and learn from my mistakes.

I am already claiming that this year will be filled with unconditional love, happiness and well-deserved victory. I also pray that 2019 will bring healing to people who are in pain and forgiveness to those who are asking for it. I hope everyone of us can embrace this year with an open heart and mind and be more understanding.

Cheers to 2019! It will be a blast!

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