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Happy 1st Blogversary, The Shannen Diaries!

June 21, 2019

Whew! Everything happened so fast. Time indeed flies that my blog just turned one today. I remember very well the day I decided to go all in and start a website/blog of my own. I have always loved writing about random things and events that are happening in my life. I did it at Tumblr before so I thought why not. Now here I am, celebrating my first ever blogversary.

A lot has happened over the past year. I never thought starting a blog will be hard. All I had in mind the same day last year was to share quality content about my daily life hoping to inspire someone to do what makes yourself happy. I never thought about the views, being a popular blogger or content creator. I just want to detail everything I discover, recipes that I cook, places I have been and my personal experiences in being an expat living in Dubai.

It was not an easy path. Heck, even until now, I still find it difficult to maintain a blog. It takes a lot of hard work, determination and passion to write quality posts. I admit, I still have doubts about my content but many people have inspired me to never seek validation from others. If I am confident about my entire blog, it will transcend and make my readers feel the same. Despite the challenges, I am more determined to continue what I started and add more depth to this diary of life. The Shannen Diaries reflects who I am as a person, the things and people that make me happy and experiences that make me better and stronger. It will always be like that and I do not plan to change.

As I move forward, I would like to say my deepest thanks to the people who have constantly supported me on this journey and readers who have engaged in each content. I owe the success of this blog to all of you. For this year and the next, I am aiming to write more content and hopefully have the guts to start a VLOG. I am excited for the days and months ahead so better stay tuned.

Cheers to more adventures, recipes, travels and inspiring content!

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