Shannen is a twenty-something adult who likes minimalist design, food, traveling, fashion, books and basketball. She hails from the beautiful country Philippines but currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She started blogging in 2010 using Tumblr as her main platform. She has then developed a passion for writing anything under the sun as long as the experience is worth sharing. Spontaneous as she can be, she is a woman of courage and believes that nothing worth having comes easy. 

To travel the world is one of her goals and she looks forward to adventures that will feed her wanders. She hopes to add one country at a time to her map of dreams. She is also continuously learning how to live life to the fullest and now takes on the challenge of detailing her life in hopes to inspire others to always be in pursuit of happiness.

“The Shannen Diaries” is a food and lifestyle blog by Shannen Gulla dedicated to her daily adventures as an independent woman living in Dubai and the road to becoming a citizen of the world. It also features her love for food, fashion and everything else in between.

Share your thoughts and experiences with Shannen! Get in touch with her by dropping an email to shannen.gulla@gmail.com.

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